Patient Group Survey

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) was established to provide an independent overview of services and facilities at Gilberdyke Health Centre.

The PPG Committee consists of volunteer practice patients and they meet every month.

Membership of the PPG committee is open to all patients and staff of the practice. If you are interested in joining the PPG Committee, please contact the practice reception for details.

Dr. Marshall & Partners – Patient Survey October 2013 Patient Survey Analysis


This year’s survey was conducted during October 2013 and all the completed questionnaires returned by the end of the month have been included in the analysis.

Questionnaires were available in the Patient Waiting Room for patients to collect and receptionist staff handed patients questionnaire to complete, unfortunately the uptake has been disappointing. The number of questionnaires returned in total was 93, 58 from Females and 35 from Males. This does not represent the total consultations with doctors and nurses during one week.


The objectives for this year’s survey were to provide information on patient’s acceptance or rejection for the Practice to increase its use of electronic communication systems and also to discover the extent of computer use and literacy of Patients. It was also necessary discover if the Practice should continue to pursue being involved in the Patient Transport Scheme.

Based on various Patient comments and suggestions, it was necessary to define the majority view of the type of music required to be played in the Waiting Area.

Note: The percentage details on some questions are distorted because of:

a. Choice of answers to some questions.
b. Some questions not completed.
c. Misunderstanding of a question.

One area in particular, being Accommodation. The objective was to obtain details of Patients in Sheltered Accommodation, Residential Homes, Others; being Private houses etc. We believe Residential was taken as Private homes. Judging by the age of the person completing the form I believed it meant to be Private Home. However, none of these amendments will have distorted the end results.

Gender and Age of participants

Male 37.6%
Female 62.4%

Unfortunately the younger age groups have a limited representation, it is hoped to address this situation in the future. Please see chart below showing breakdown age group responses:

Graph showing % of respones based on age


Sheltered 2.15%
Residential Care 6.45%
Private housing 91.40%

Registered Disabled

Yes. 6.45%
No. 93.55%

Interest in Transport Service

Yes. 18.28%
No. 81.72%

It is unlikely this service will be considered in the immediate future.

Computer Access

Yes. 81.72%
No. 18.28%

For the Practice to consider extending the use of electronic communications, the figures are very encouraging, especially as the majority of survey participants were aged between 45 & 74. It can be assumed for considering new communications between Practice and Patient that the younger age group will be computer literate and have the relevant equipment.

Interest in Practice providing training

The proposal is for a volunteer PPG member to assist with training Patients in the use of the Practice communication systems. It is assumed that the high ‘No’ response from the Males is that they do not require training?

Yes. 38.71%.
No. 30.10%.

Do you use Email?

Yes. 75.27%.
No. 11.83%

A very encouraging response

Would you like to receive Email from the Practice?

Yes. 46.24%
No. 41.94%

Being such an equal split a little more investigation is necessary. This will be done at the time when we commence the computer training of Patients.

Type of music in the Waiting Area

It is not necessary to itemise the results against each type of music offered, it is sufficient to report that 46.24% voted for easy listening. One patient did specifically request NO SINGING PLEASE. We do not think this was directed at patients in the waiting area!


As mentioned the uptake was disappointing, but the results do give encouragement to move in the direction necessary for the Practice and attempt new to improve communication systems.
Several patients commented on waiting times for appointments. Every effort has and is being made to reduce the time to a level of acceptability for most patients.

The additional comments made by participants have been listed on attached pages of this report. Once again as with previous surveys, the majority view is that the Practice provides a very satisfactory service, efficiently and effectively with staff trained and dedicated to their tasks.

Remarks from questionnaire October 2013

Female Patients

Other suggestions for communication:

Notification of surgery closures would be useful by Email, instead of notice on surgery door
Love the new prescription ordering
Text messages service could be useful if no computer
Text messages useful
Text messages please
No time for computer training – User manual or instructions sufficient
Keep face to face contact
Text message reminders good idea
Speak to someone
Have a very efficient answer phone (Female in sheltered accommodation).

Was there anything particularly good about your surgery visit:

Early morning 08.30 on a wet day nice and quiet
Nursing staff invaluable
Friendly receptionists
Very helpful staff
Excellent reception staff
Drs and staff helpful
Good every time.
Books in Kids area
Always service with a smile
Everyone very kind
Quick and easy
New door numbering system very good
Friendly staff
Efficient service
Excellent doctors

Was there anything which could be improved:

Waiting time
To be told on screen if Drs running late, important to let Baby-sitter know of delay
Appointments booked but not recorded when attended
Doctor’s time keeping
Long waiting times on enquiry line
Waiting time for appointments ridiculous
Staff comments heard through hatch
Appointment times rarely kept
Repeat prescriptions system keeps changing.
Why was the front door changed?
Reduce waiting time for appointments
Noise level when not feeling well, music and TV
Appointments booking times must be improved.

Any other comments:

Do not attend often, every time courteous and efficient.
Doctors and staff friendly
Emotional music not appropriate
Triage good, but seeing doctor is better
Waiting times getting worse
The new lady doctor is prettier than Dr. Ferguson
Excellent practice

Male Patients

Other suggestions for communication:

Email doctors or triage with queries.

Was there anything particularly good about your surgery visit:

Comfortable chairs.
Very friendly staff
Good to meet friendly approachable staff.
Very efficient pleasant staff
Mostly seen on time
Helpful staff
A positive experience
Everything good

Was there anything which could be improved:

Waiting time for appointments needs to be reduced.
Music is loud
Parking can be a problem.
Quicker appointments

Any other comments:

Inability to see doctor in less than one week - 75/84 year old.
Weigh scales for general use
Lack of parking space
Appreciate recent improvements.
Many notice boards, could be better organised
Very satisfied with the surgery
Appointment system not fit for purpose.
Triage is only marginally useful

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